St Sampson's Parish Church
St Sampson's Parish Church

Important info re photo's and video

Members of the congregation are asked not to take their own photo's video's during the service. Take as many as you like before and after but NOT during, thank you.



Official Photographers/videographers - Please note a wedding is an act of worship above all else.


Please limit the number of cameras to one or two at the most, the church is not big enough for more.


Official photographers may take whatever photo's they like from wherever they like before and after the service, but during the service please respect the sanctity of the Central Nave and only take photo's and video's from the side Chapels. Little or no movement during the service would be appreciated and make sure their are no flashes or electronic sounds/clicks from you camera equipment.


Please also note that the Priest has no desire to feature in the video/photographs. Please keep your attention focussed upon the couple, the guests and the architecture. Thank You.

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