St Sampson's Parish Church
St Sampson's Parish Church

Important Imformation

To apply to be married, please email: giving both names and addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and email addresses and stating your preferred date. I will then call you to arrange to meet with you and plan the wedding.



Officiant: usually the Rector of the Parish, although sometimes it may be necessary for a substitute minister to stand in, there will be no additional cost for this.


Entrance Music (organ or cd) the music must be appropriate for an ancient religious building.


You will need some favourite CD music for the signing of the register or a musician or choir, or the organist can play but you must arrange this.


Recessional music: (organ or cd)


Organist: John le Pelley or other if John not available  As well as telling the minister of your music preferences you will need to discuss these with the organist and book his services for the day. Call: 01481 258787 to book your organist.


(You are paying for the organist so it would be wise to use him/her as much as possible, they can advise about appropriate music)


Readings (a Bible reading and a poem if desired)


Flowers, it's your decision but they must be removed straight after the wedding.


Please note, this church was not built for Hollywood style weddings with multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen standing throughout the veremony, their is just not the room. if you have lots of bridesmaids they will need to sit during the ceremony.


Only paper confetti is allowed.


No smoking on Church grounds.


Verger: Susan Ilie

Susan is your contact if you have questions about access to the church for florists etc

Cost of vergers Services: the cost of the Vergers services is covered by the fee you pay to the church.


Date and time of wedding practice (usually at 5.30pm, 2 days before the wedding, this will be confirmed by the Rector)


You will need to pick Hymns for your wedding, choose hymns people know (usually 2):


Useful contacts: Licence Application, contact Ecclesiastical Court 721732 You must apply for a Licence to marry in a church in Guernsey, no licence no wedding, licences cost £60/£70 from the Ecclesiastical Court in St Peter Port.


For your order of service, the wedding order is: Welcome, Introduction, Hymn, The Declarations, Reading/s, Sermon, Hymn, The Vows, Giving of Rings, The Proclamation, The Blessing, The Registration.


Please NOTE, only biodegradable paper confetti is allowed, no rice no mand made materials


Please see page relating to photo's and video's

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