St Sampson's Parish Church
St Sampson's Parish Church

The team at St Sampson's

St Sampson's Parish Church consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced Christians.

Allow us to introduce some of them to you on this page.



The Deans charge to the Church Wardens of Guernsey 2017


The Church is the Body of Christ. Through baptism every member is called to ministry and service. as church wardens, you are called to special responsibilities. With your clergy, you are to share in the administration of the Parish, and in the care of the churchbuildings. You are to promote the whole mission of the Church, which is pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. these things you are called upon to do to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the well-being of the Church.


Natalie Carpenter

Rector's Warden



As Rector's Warden, Natalie is appointed by the Rector to work with the Rector and People's Warden for a period of 3 years in the oversight of the Buildings and finances at St Sampson's Parish Church.


Natalie has the particular responsibility to oversee the Church's finances and the School Halls (which we are now calling The St Sampson's Church and Community Centre).


The Rector's Warden also supports the Rector in the spiritual and practical oversight of the Church Congregation and the Parish.


Natalie is also the Safeguarding representative for St Sampson’s Church & Community Hall.




Mark LeTissier

People's Warden




As People's Warden, Mark is appointed by the St Sampson's Parish Meeting for a period of 3 years, to work with the Rector and Rector's Warden in the oversight of the Buildings and Finances at St Sampson's Church.


Mark has particular responsibility for the Parish Church, the School Halls  and the Parish Rectory and to support the Parish Rector in the spiritual and practical oversight of the Church Congregation and the Parish.   



Susan Ilie is our Verger.



As Verger Susan is responsible for the administration of the Church for Weddings and Funerals, liasing with funeral directors/wedding planners and the Rector to ensure that everything runs smoothly at these important Parish events. Susan is also our Newsletter Editor, taking the Good News of the Work of God in this place to a wider and wider audience.




Susie Gallienne, 242284


Church Keys:                                         

Brian Le Cras, Tel: 245676


Community Hall Manager:


For bookings & enquiries            


Lisa Carpenter, Mob: 07781 111 536





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